Web-design and code for Doclisboa, organized by Apordoc, identity by Pedro Nora.


Web-design and code for Eira, identity by Ana Freitas.


Web-design and code for Re-vis-ta, edited by Flávia Violante and Rita Salgueiro, identity by Sílvia Prudêncio.


Web-design and code for Uma Lulik__ Gallery.


Web-design and code for Materiais Diversos Festival, organize by Materiais Diversos, identity by Silvia Prudêncio.


Web-design and code for Underscore Festival, organized by Diogo Alvim and Érica Faleiro, identity by Barbara Says…


Web-design and code for The Form of Form, organized by Trienal de Arquitectura, art direction by R2 Design.


Installation with João Abreu Valente, exhibited at Biennial of Contemporary Art of Maia 2017.

Sophia Sophia

Installation and mobile application for Impressões Expressas, curated by Andreia Garcia, design Ana Schefer and Teo Furtado at the Book Fair of Porto.

Bifurcações Especulativas

Mobile application for Impressões Expressas, curated by Andreia Garcia, architecture by Diogo Aguiar Studio, at Book Fair of Porto.

on Katyusha

Web performance developed for the New Art Fest’16, invited by António Cerveira Pinto who challenged to work on Katyusha (the Stalin’s Organ) film.

The Limit of the Face

Article for the exhibition Streaming Egos, curated by Sandra Vieira Jurgens, Goethe Institute, Lisbon.

Que(m) são os algoritmos?

Article with Luísa Ribas, present at II Congresso Internacional NetAtivismo: Constelações do Ativismo em Rede, published in Constelações do Ativismo em rede: Livro de Atas do II Congresso Internacional de Net-Ativismo, organized by Marina Magalhães, Luis Miguel Loureiro, Elisabete Pinto da Costa e Maria Belém Ribeiro.

New Old Films: Tacita Dean – Green Ray

Web-performance for the serie New old films, from Green Ray by Tacita Dean.

New School

Cycle of exhibitions from three perspectives: object, image and space, with João Abreu Valente, organized by Arquivo 237.


Project developed in four steps, in four consequent gestures that take us from the real to the imaginary, from memory to fiction.

The Shape or Order #01

Exercise of perform algorithms with the body.