Web-design and code for Doclisboa, organized by Apordoc, identity by Pedro Nora.


Web-design and code for Eira, identity by Ana Freitas.


Web-design and code for Re-vis-ta, edited by Flávia Violante and Rita Salgueiro, identity by Sílvia Prudêncio.


Web-design and code for Uma Lulik__ Gallery.


Web-design and code for Materiais Diversos Festival, organize by Materiais Diversos, identity by Silvia Prudêncio.


Web-design and code for Underscore Festival, organized by Diogo Alvim and Érica Faleiro, identity by Barbara Says…


Web-design and code for The Form of Form, organized by Trienal de Arquitectura, art direction by R2 Design.

New School

The massive dissemination of information and the possibility of its large-scale access have altered some of the referential axes of learning pathways, as well as some conceptions of what “school” is or what traditional forms of teaching are. There have been paradigms that have been altered and although the educational institutions still function as valid core of the academic path, nowadays we witness the emergence of new spaces of influence/ reference. From the multiplication, scope and consequence of these spaces urges the theme “New School”, as a place of exploration of these spaces that are arising, from the emerging approache of its appearance.

Between September and December of 2014, Arquivo 237 had explored the “New School” from three perspectives: object, image and space.

Cycle of exhibitions from three perspectives: object, image and space, with João Abreu Valente, organized by Arquivo 237.