Web-design and code for Doclisboa, organized by Apordoc, identity by Pedro Nora.


Web-design and code for Eira, identity by Ana Freitas.


Web-design and code for Re-vis-ta, edited by Flávia Violante and Rita Salgueiro, identity by Sílvia Prudêncio.


Web-design and code for Uma Lulik__ Gallery.


Web-design and code for Materiais Diversos Festival, organize by Materiais Diversos, identity by Silvia Prudêncio.


Web-design and code for Underscore Festival, organized by Diogo Alvim and Érica Faleiro, identity by Barbara Says…


Web-design and code for The Form of Form, organized by Trienal de Arquitectura, art direction by R2 Design.

New Old Films: Tacita Dean – Green Ray

Having as a motto the reading of Kenneth Goldsmith’s Uncreative Writing and Walter Benjamin’s idea “nothing ever happened should be regarded as lost history,” the New Old Films series seeks, through a few lines of code, give a new life to existing movies that are available online on platforms like youtube or vimeo.

Web-performance for the serie New old films, from Green Ray by Tacita Dean.